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AFT OPT presentation at “HIPER Conference” reg. High-Performance Marine Vehicles

This year’s HIPER conference “Technologies for the Ship of the Future”, organised by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Volker Bertram/DNV,  will be held in Germany at Kloster Drübeck from 9-13 June 2024; details see www.hiper-conf.info and HANSA Ed. 6/2024: “The practical dreamers meet again” Dr. Wasmansdorff, EVP at LR-Shipdesign AG (“LRSD”), presents the AFT OPT (aft ship optimisation) […]


Posidonia and Akropolis adieu! See you during SMM!

The application of our unique innovation AFT OPT,  utilizing newly applied physical and hydromechanical/-dynamical principles for the design of ships’ hulls, makes excellent progress. After various rounds of technology validation with industry partners, classification societes and flag states, LR-Shipdesign AG (“LRSD”) has signed joint development and shipbuilding contracts with various maritime stakeholders. Convincing argument: LRSD […]


Excellent STG “Ship Efficiency” Conference, Hamburg, 25/26 Sept. 2023

Hamburg based STG held an excellent conference with the topic “Ship Efficiency” (25/26 Sept. 2023). QUOTE The Schiffbautechnische Gesellschaft – STG – (The German Society for Maritime Technology) is a network and a knowledge platform for maritime technology. The core of the STG is the technical and scientific progress in ship technology and ship operation. […]

Power savings for your main engine? More than minus 6% for various ship types without ESD!

Collection of AFT OPT patents and class & flag state certificates (extract only) What else do you need to catch up with your competitors? Main engine power savings lead to overproportional fuel savings in combination with savings for CO2-emission certificates. AFT OPT is a specific CFD driven hull line modification with positive impact on propeller, […]

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HANSA SMM 2022 report: AFT OPT

Rethink Shipbuilding for the Sake of the Environment; Ship design innovation AFT OPT generates substantial fuel savings   Abstract: AFT OPT is an innovative proven design approach to generate fuel savings of more than 5% for ship newbuildings. The technology has been applied to optimize a container vessel (at SVA Vienna) and a bulk carrier […]

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THE BEST is not good enough – SOLUTION for 2030, EEDI-3 and CII With the innovative aft ship design “AFT OPT” and our holistic full hydromechanical and hydrodynamical optimisation, it is possible to achieve significant fuel savings and emission reduction for ship newbuildings at virtually no additional cost.  Economical, ecological and competitive advantages are obvious. […]