Maritime Consulting and Services

Experience of MOVENA engineers increases the project quality and reduces costs and risks for our clients and their financing institutions. We deliver 1st class maritime consulting services in the following areas:

Our Engineering Scope includes:
Consulting for the Design of Hull Structure Drawings – such as but not limited to:
General Arrangement Plan, Midship Section, Shell Expansion, Longitudinal Sections, Decks, Bottom Structure and Bulkheads, Distribution of the Still Water Shear Forces and Bending Moments, Fore and Aft end structure, Engine room structure, Deckhouse and/or Superstructure, Cargo hold structure, Hatch coaming , Calculation of the Equipment Numeral, Loading and/or Stability Instrument

Cooperation with Patented Lindinger Hull for additional line optimisation and substantial additional fuel savings (“AFT OPT”)

Consulting for Machinery and Electric Drawings – such as but not limited to:
Engine room piping diagram, Hull piping diagram, Cargo hold ventilation, Engine room arrangement, if BWTS or Scrubber are installed in E/R, Power Generating and Distribution and W/D of Power system, Short-Circuit calculation where total generators output > 500 kVA, Electrical Power Balance (main and emergency supply), Lighting Diagram and arrangement, W/D of Fire Detection and General Alarm system, W/D and Arrangement of Alarm and Monitoring system, W/D of navigation and communication system, CO2 fire extinguishing system and Smoke detection system, Cable Diagram and layout, Circuit diagram, Fire Control and Safety Plan

Consulting concerning Ship Safety Related Documents; Subdivision & Stability; General Information Stability – such as but not limited to:
General Arrangement Plan, Tank Arrangement Plan, Watertight Integrity Plan, Trim and Stability Booklet , Damage Control Plan and Stability Calculation, Freeboard calculation, Visibility Plan

Movena Korea is supporting clients such as shipping companies or Hyundai Global Services a.o. with technical expertise:
Technical services provided include ship repair services at dockyard site – between Los Angeles, Halifax, Istanbul, Dubai, PR China et al.

Ships in Service

  • Audit preparations for ISM, ISPS, ILO, etc.
  • Condition surveys, extraordinary surveys
  • Technical support for pre-class renewal, annual survey; damage survey
  • Relation to local Class Offices
  • Assistance in pre-planning of docking, class renewal (esp. for ships >15 years in age)
  • Docking/repair support and supervision
  • Conversion and retrofit support and supervision
  • Sourcing of local services, companies, spares, etc.
  • Accident/incident on board attendance and assistance
  • Expert witnesses; experts for the London Court of International Arbitration (LCIA)
  • Services for banks, insurance companies

Specific areas of technical competence:

  • Ship propulsion shafting and rudders system# Shaft alignment
  • Technical trouble shooting for ship owners and ship yards
  • Design review
  • Building Specification review
  • Shaft Alignment and Machinery Foundations
  • Propeller, Couplings, Machinery components
  • Torsional, Axial and Whirling vibration
  • Rudder system, Steering Gear, Hydraulic system
  • Sea trial
  • Finding root-causes; trouble shootings
  • Design of Rudder systems
    In cooperation with supplier for optimized rudder systems
    + Support for local manufacturing and production supervision
  • Ballast Water Treatment (BWT) & scrubber systems
    + Feasibility study and technical assessments
    + Commercial evaluation and comparison of scrubber systems for ship owners
    + Technical evaluation of scrubber systems
    + Preparation of drawings and documentation for installation of BWT & Scrubber systems
    + Survey and supervision of installation of BWT & Scrubber systems
  • Gas fuelled shipsPreparation of the Specification, Commercial evaluation and Design/Approval of technology for gas fueled ships
    Survey and preparation of document during the conversion of fuel systems at ship yards
  • Certification consultancy
    + EEDI/CII
    + Consulting to increase EEDI Value
    + Audit and Witness of Model Tank Test
    + Review of EEDI Technical file
    + Ship speed trials and verification

Materials & Components

  • Third party inspections
  • Certification consulting
  • MED Authorized Representative services
  • Quality Assurance
  • End of warranty inspections

Marketing & Sales Consulting

  • Business promotion for maritime and renewable energy clients in Germany, PR China and Korea
  • Agent for selected maritime equipment and components
  • Brokering of ship repairs
  • Development of investment projects for ship newbuildings (financing, technical solutions, shipyard selection)

Engineers of MOVENA have experience in design review for hull, machinery, piping and propulsion systems and surveys from over 300 ship new building, repair and conversion projects of all major ship types.

  • Bulk Carriers: 73k to 180k DWT
  • Chemical Tankers: 45K to 82K DWT
  • Container vessels: 1,000 TEU to 19,200 TEU
  • LNG carriers:  150k to 216k DWT
  • Passenger vessels, ferries, cruise vessels (incl. conceptual design)
  • Tankers (MR, LR, VLCC):  105k to 310k DWT
  •  others (such as Drill Ships, PCTC, MPV/Heavy Lifts, Mega Yachts)

In PR China, we execute our scope of work in assoc. with SMS-Shanghai Marine Surveyors Co. Ltd., Shanghai:

  • Shipbuilding, Repairs and Conversions
  • Project Management
  • Inspection and evaluation of Ship Yards
  • Supervision during repairs, docking
  • Newbuilding supervision management and spot checks as Owner’s Rep; repair surveys, dry docking surveys
  • Conversion and retrofit support and supervision
  • Drawing approval (in coop. w/Movena Korea)
  • Management of class related issues
  • Attendance of shop trial and  installation of major machinery
  • Sea trial support
  • Pre-delivery inspection
  • Accident/incident inspection