Renewable Energy

Renewable Energy

Business areas include:

  • Certification support
  • Procurement support
  • Inspections, Quality assurance
  • Offshore wind advisory
  • Marine Warranty Survey
  • End of warranty inspections
  • Project management
  • Feasibility studies and technical due diligence

Services and experience of MOVENA engineers increases quality and reduces costs and risks for our clients:

Offshore Wind

  • Project Development
  • Feasibility studies
  • Technical Due Diligence
  • Design and Certification Management
  • Construction Management

Onshore Wind

  • Design verification in cooperation with international certification bodies
  • Inspections and audits, Accident/Incident assessments
  • Identification and evaluation of Manufacturers
  • Certification procurement and Project Management

Materials & Components

  • Inspections during production, assembly, transport and installation
  • Pre-shipping inspections
  • Certification consulting
  • Quality assurance
  • End of warranty inspections

Marketing & sales consulting

  • Business promotion for maritime and renewable energy clients in Germany, PR China and South Korea


Certification Support

Qualitiy assurance services of wind turbines and components

Manufacturing Evaluation

Gearbox in service