Cat? Fine. Cat fine? NO!

ClassNK held the first “Open House” Technical Seminar in their premises, Überseealle 1, Hamburg, on 21 June.

Mr Akizumi Miura, GM, reported about the digitalisation in the maritime industry and ClassNK’s contribution. He provided examples for utilization of machinery monitoring data (Condition Monitoring System of Machinery “CMAXS”), he spoke about DIGITAL TWINS, the re-creation of actual events in digital space in real time and referred to the “Guidelines for automated navigation and autonomous navigation (1st version was published in May 2018).

Mr. Shimizu informed the participants about the status of implementation and recent developments of worldwide PSC and the statistical analysis of detained ships registered with ClassNK. An app “ARRIVAL CHECKLIST for PORT STATE CONTROL” can be downloaded from iOS Store and Android Store to create more crew attention to specific PSC issues for a specific vessel and area of sailing.
Further information:

The guest speaker Mr. Klaus Langer, Surveyor and Managing Partner of AMS-Advanced Marine Surveys GmbH (, Hamburg, provided an inside view how to analyse, control and repair ship damages from collisions to engine trouble or water ingress into the engine room. AMS has extensive and special knowledge about many kinds of damages due to the work history of the company partners. Within less than a year, AMS members handled more than 30 damage cases worldwide.

One example: the underestimated impact from catalyst systems to engine trouble – the CAT FINE “DISEASE”.

Above picture shows abrasive wear to all sliding elements, partners. Contamination of the whole fuel system including tanks and piping, components was identified as well.

Course of action:
Damage evaluation and confirmation “cat fine damage” upon initial survey;
convince engine makers and also owner‘s management, about the root cause (cat fine attack), based on lab investigations, etc.;
sampling wet samples and replicas for analysis management;
develop an action plan for proper repair works to avoid 2nd, 3rd time damage (seen in other similar cases before).

AMS offers repair surveys for hull and machinery, loss-of-hire statement for Underwriters and develops ideas and executes risk surveys to prevent losses (of money and/or vessel).

In case of interest, please contact Movena GmbH (, Bremen, or the above mentioned speakers directly.